Friday, January 11, 2013

The Black Beetle NO WAY OUT #4 (of 4)

THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #4 Cover ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

    I can finally reveal the final cover (and solicits text) of THE BLACK BEETLE first mini: NO WAY OUT #4 will be in stores in April and will reveal who is behind Labyrinto's mask (unless you have guessed it already by then - if you have, than I am proud of your detective skills :))

   Once again, pre-orders mean everything: as you might know by now, we totally sold out of #0 and I received tons of messages from people telling me their store didn't carry any so now they are left out. Stores will rarely order copies of a book if they don't get customers ordering them cause they fear they will be left with unsold copies (fear totally understandable).
   So, please, make sure to let your store know that you want all 4 issue of THE BLACK BEETLE, add the title to your pull list: it's the only way to make sure you are not gonna miss any of these :)

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #4
Written by Francesco Francavilla
Art by Francesco Francavilla
On sale April 17, 2013     
The epic conclusion to Black Beetle’s first series! Colt City’s caped crusader goes head to head with the mysterious villain Labyrinto! Can Black Beetle make it out of this maze of matched wits and matched blows alive?!

    THE BLACK BEETLE NO WAY OUT #1 will be in stores next Wednesday!
Advance reviews have already started to pour in and - like for NIGH SHIFT #0 - they are all praising how entertaining this book is.

Here's a quick extract from COMICBOOKBIN's ★★★★★ review:
"Everything about this issue, from its stylish 399cent (as in $3.99) cover price to its uneven and blocky logo, The Black Beetle drips pulp fiction. This is going to be the must read of 2013."

So don't miss out on the FUN and make sure to grab a copy this coming week - hopefully you have already put the title on your pull list and don't have to worry ;)


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MarvinNation said...

why is this coming out in JUNE??

sad :'(