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Best thing announced at #SDCC last week!!! :D
The Black Beetle is coming back this October with a brand new mini that promises to scare! The 5-issue arc is titled NECROLOGUE and will introduce new villains.
Here’s the solicitation text from Dark Horse.

Written and drawn by Francesco Francavilla
Lettering by Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT®
On sale: 10/23/13

Someone’s murdering the citizens of Colt City, and there’s only one man who can stop this killing spree: the Black Beetle!
But as Black Beetle investigates these grisly murders, questions arise about the masked detective: Is he a daring hero or a reckless vigilante? With a past veiled in the shadow of mystery, Black Beetle takes on a dark mission that will keep you screaming in the thrilling new miniseries Necrologue!
-Necrologue will keep you screaming!
-Horror comes to Colt City!
-From the mind of Eisner Award–winning and New York Times best-selling creator Francesco Francavilla!

If you want to know more about NECROLOGUE, here is an interview I did with CBR last week announcing the new mini.
At the conclusion of “The Black Beetle: No Way Out" #4, creator Francesco Francavilla included a teaser for the next chapter in the noir-tinged superhero’s adventures: “Necrologue." Now, with the first issue of the next installment due to sweep into comic shops this October from Francavilla and Dark Horse Comics, Comic Book Resources spoke with the Eisner Award winner about the forthcoming miniseries.

The story picks up shortly after the conclusion of the widely acclaimed “No Way Out." The Black Beetle has, it seems, vanquished the villainous Labyrinto — but there’s no rest for the weary. There’s a new menace in store for Colt City, and the supernatural forces hinted at in the pages of “No Way Out" are beginning to reveal themselves. As we spoke, Francavilla touched on his love of the classic Universal Horror films, the importance of expanding The Black Beetle’s world at a slow, sustainable pace and the prospect of some familiar faces returning for his second go-round with the pulp-inspired hero.

Francesco Francavilla:
I always knew the Black Beetle had a special chemistry with his audience: I mean, the guy knows how to captivate the readers and keep them hooked for the ride. It happened since the ashcan and the first web mini episodes came out. What I didn’t know was that word of mouth would have spread so quickly and the Beetle’s following would grow so big. I’m definitely feeling really, really good about the awesome response, and a bit more pressured as I work on the next installment — there are many more eyes on this now!

What’s the premise of the upcoming mini? I’m inferring that it is somehow related to the “Intermezzo" sections of the “No Way Out" books, as well as the character Stephano Corallo.

Even [though] we decided — for a number of reasons — to go with the series-of-minis route (successfully experimented with the many Hellboy titles), “Necrologue" will pick up right after “No Way Out." We will definitely see what all those “Intermezzos" were about and what Stephano Corallo’s special skills might be. But that will not be the only thing to make Black Beetle’s life more troublesome. We’ll see also the introduction of a new menace to not just the Beetle himself, but to all of Colt City.

What does "Necrologue" refer to?

"Necrologue" refers to the series of deaths that will mark this second mini. Even though there was quite a series of deaths in the first mini as well, now that I think about it.

We saw, at the conclusion of "No Way Out," Labyrinto stuck inside a burning building. Will we be seeing his return, or the return of any other supporting cast?

Let's just say that will not be the last we hear -- or see -- from Labyrinto and leave it at that for the moment.
Professor Antonia Howard -- seen in "Night Shift" and in the Intermezzos -- will definitely return in a more active role. And probably we will see Coco Club's biggest attraction, Jazz singer Ava, making an appearance as well.
I like to build the Colt City world a bit at a time and get everyone accustomed with its inhabitants. I realized that dropping a whole new "universe" in front of the readers might not be the best way to have them appreciate it and get to know it. With this slow reveal, I believe the readers will get used to Colt City a bit at a time, and will start to get familiar with it. And once you get familiar with it, you care about it. It's a bit like when you move into a new city -- you start from your neighborhood and branch out from there.
"Necrologue" is billed as a "Horror Tale." In crafting a horror-tinged story, what do you look to for inspiration? Is there a singular horror film or story that sparked your love of the genre?

All those classic Universal Horror films had -- and still have -- a huge influence on me, and they definitely inspired the way I set the mood with the chiaroscuro. The Hammer films helped me with the use of the red and blood. Both were gothic, which is the way I like my horror.
One of the goals when I first started working on "The Black Beetle" was to try to tackle all the classic genres that are so dear to my heart. After the more noir-centric action of the first mini, I'm planning to push a little more on the horror pedal for the second one. As usual, my horror is more about setting a mood rather than showing severed limbs.
If everything goes as planned, it's gonna be a scary arc.

"The Black Beetle: Necrologue" debuts in October from Francavilla and Dark Horse

More on ComicBookResources.

Hope you guys put this on your October pull list: it’s gonna be another FUN ride.


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The Black Beetle ~ "NO WAY OUT" ~ MONDO Edition

THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT ~ MONDO Poster ~~ Click on the cover for a large preview of NO WAY OUT MONDO Variant Edition ~~

Hello Pulp Friends,

     I am so happy to announce that soon I will have regular, variant and Artist Proof editions of the very first BLACK BEETLE MONDO poster for sale on my webstore (keep an eye on my blogs and on my twitter @f_francavilla for forthcoming updates and more details).

   This huge poster (24"x36") - a nod to the classic serials posters from the '40s - debuted at HeroesCon a couple of weeks ago and it has been the first time MONDO has released a comicbook related poster that is not tied in in a movie (even though we all looking forward to see a Black Beetle movie one day, right? :))

Here's Mondo's Press Release and some detailed close-up shot of the poster courtesy of the Mondo blog.

TITLE: The Black Beetle
ARITST: Francesco Francavilla
SIZE: 24" x 36"
EDITION: 225 (regular), 110 (variant)
PRICE: $55 (regular), $75 (variant)

The Black Beetle is centered on a pulp-noir character and takes place in a fictional universe that's based in Colt City. The character debuted on the pages of Pulp Sunday, Francesco Francavilla's blog devoted to all things pulp, and had a brief life as webcomic before stepping in the print world with an ashcan first, and on the pages of Dark Horse Presents anthology later. Francesco quickly realized that many fans were interested in exploring this world with him, so soon after the short run in DHP, a new 4-issue mini - titled "NO WAY OUT" - was released. The first 2 issues have sold out and have required DH to go back to press for a second printing.

With issue 4 coming out next week and with the first hardcover volume - also titled "NO WAY OUT" - available for pre-orders right now, there is no better time to jump on board of the fantastic adventures of The Black Beetle.

The Black Beetle is a Detective/Vigilante SuperHero – His mission is to fight crime in Colt City. We don't know who he is, not yet anyway. We do know that he has access to some advantaged technology and that he is patrolling the city streets and protecting the citizens the best he can. He is –after all- one man. Colt City is a fictional city set in the late '40s America on the East Coast and has a very "pulp" vibe to the city's depiction and inhabitants.

Commenting on his collaboration with Mondo, Francavilla said, "I've been a huge fan of Mondo for a while, and I've recently become one of their poster artists (which brings me joy all the time), so you can only imagine how happy I was when I heard that they were a big fan of my creation, The Black Beetle. From there it didn't take too long to get to the poster you see here. Hopefully it's just the first of many. Hope you guys enjoy the poster and consider jumping on the books as well: they are what comics should be: 100% entertainment and FUN! Thanks again, Mondo, for making this happen."

Framed Poster - Photo courtesy of Z-ATL

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday, everyone :)


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THE BLACK BEETLE ~ NO WAY OUT #4 - The Epic Conclusion!

THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #4 Cover ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

    The Black Beetle's NO WAY OUT #4 came out this week and the conclusion of this first miniserie was another big success among readers and critics! Once again, on behalf of everyone who has worked on this book: THANK YOU ALL!
   And don't worry- as you might have seen/read in the last pages of issue 4 (and as you can see from the new header above), more Black Beetle adventures are already on their way to you: look for this fall for the second mini hitting the stores and titled: NECROLOGUE!

    And now here's a partial list of the great reviews BB #4 has received :)

Best Shots Rapid Reviews: 
Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 (of 4) 10/10

At the conclusion of the penultimate issue of this series, it seemed very obvious where the plot was going, but in this final issue Francesco Francavilla pulls the rug out from under us with a clever twist that makes the story that much richer. This is a great conclusion to a smart series filled with mystery and non-stop action that doesn’t let up till the very last panel. Francavilla’s pulp artwork is just dripping with atmosphere in this final issue, highlighted by creative composition, inventive layouts, dark and moody panels swimming with heavy blacks, and some truly gorgeous use of color. The final page sets things up for the next miniseries, which just can’t come soon enough.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 Review 4/5
Francavilla just seems to know what he's doing from start to finish with minimal effort, as though he exhales artwork in a finished state.

This Week's Comics! The Winners:
"The Black Beetle in No Way Out" #4
I've been getting a kick out of this pulpy, moody miniseries since it premiered back in January, and this final issue (Francavilla does promise the character will return in another series this fall) is the perfect wrap-up to the writer/artist's experiment in radio-drama-style storytelling.
It's delightful.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 Review 5/5★
Francavilla's characterization of his creator owned Black Beetle character might remind you of characters you would have read in old pulp fiction novels or on radio show broadcasts from the 1930's, and it isn't just his art that relays that theme, it's the language in the dialogue he uses as well. Overall it's just incredibly well done, and it hooks you from the very start. The issue starts with four little words, "tonight is the night," which is enough to prey on any reader's level of curiosity.

Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #4
Francavilla is crafting a new pulp hero and with each story, Black Beetle gets closer and closer to the Pulp Pantheon.
The end is only the beginning.

Black Beetle #4 Review
As the first, and hopefully not the last, story arc in the adventures of The Black Beetle comes to a close, it is stunningly clear that Francesco Francavilla has delivered the goods.
More Black Beetle would be great. More Francavilla, period!


Comic Review: The Black Beetle: No Way Out #4
Writer and artist Francesco Francavilla wraps up this excellent miniseries with more of the same – excellence. I have to tell you, even though I’ve been reading this character for four issues, it really feels like I’m very familiar with The Beetle and his universe. It’s like when you read a comic that you haven’t read in years and a wave of nostalgia comes rushing back.

It's Wednesday!
I’m constantly finding evidence that supports Carl Jung’s concept of collective unconsciousness. The current trend in pulp comics is one. To varying degrees of success, the books range in type from bringing pulp characters into the 21st century to doing pulp with a modern twist to planting both feet firmly in the genre and creating a classic pulp story. Francavilla’s series plays in the third space and does it marvelously.

Top of the Pull List – The Black Beetle: No Way Out #4
True to the genre, the final installment of No Way Out is a blood-soaked, bullet-riddled page turner.  From the Beetle rocketing down a dark street flanked by shadowy trees to the final ominous pages (that finally shed a little light on the “Intermezzo” sequences), this book practically grabs you by the eyelids and commands you to keep reading.

Comic Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 (Dark Horse) 4/5
Black Beetle has been one of those series (miniseries?) that stands out as what noir comics should be. Each exciting issue with it’s colorful villains, understated action scenes, and startling detective work keeps the reader on the edge of there seat. The book keeps that classic noir tone of great stories like Dick Tracy and the Rocketeer.

Pulp-inspired antics with a cool character and wonderfully moody art… It’s a win/win situation for me, like Batman without all the troublesome elements or a new-fangled tech-savvy Shadow. Check it out!

Comics Should Be Cheap - Staff's picks
Black Beetle: No Way Out #4 ($3.99) – This miniseries has been an absolute delight for fans of pulpy vigilante stories. The old school vibe meets modern technique that Francesco Francavilla is known for in terms of visual is equally present in his writing, resulting in a comic that is a pure delight to read. Here’s hoping we will see much more Black Beetle in the future!

The conclusion to Francesco Francavilla‘s awesome creator owned series from Dark Horse. This was a labor of love, people! Francavilla pretty much did everything on this title and it showed. He’s got a great passion for this series and it’s fantatic that we’re going to get more of it in the future. If you missed this series, for whatever reason, make sure you get the collection when it comes out and pre-order the next Black Beetle series from Dark Horse. You seriously can’t go wrong.

Is It Good? The Black Beetle: No Way Out Part 4 9/10★
Yes, it’s quite good. It makes me want to wear a suit and go to a jazz club. The reality of that would drive me insane, but it makes me want to act classy. It’s a period comic done to perfection. The art is cool, the action is swift, the mystery is compelling, and the colors are dark.

Review: The Black Beetle #4 4/5★
if you haven’t already, get caught-up with this series. Its richly-textured, atmospherically alive art and simple yet gripping storytelling has been a hallmark of my formative days here at Comic Bastards, and a credit to Dark Horse’s line as a whole. To put it more succinctly, much like a well-aimed bullet in a damp Colt City night, The Black Beetle “No Way Out” is unmissable.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #4
Hot dang, denizens, this was one heck of fun noir/mystery book. Francavilla went for a very specific look and tone for his story, and he achieved both with flying colors--or rather dark and moody flying colors.
The Black Beetle is a must-own book, denizens, doubly so if you are a fan of old noir books and film, or if you are a fan of the vintage heroes. If you have not bought any of the issues for this series thus far, and you are a completist like me, then you might want to hold on until late September when a $19.99 cover price hardcover collection is released.

GonzoGeek Comics Reviews - The Black Beetle
No Way Out has been a great read.  Francavilla's got his thumb right on the pulpy pulse of Colt City.  The corruption runs deep and only the Black Beetle stands between the citizens and the criminals.  If his Phantom of the Paradise headgear doesn't scare you straight, his matte black automatic will stop you cold.

The Black Beetle #4 4.5/5
The art, as always, is fantastic. The pages with the big reveals are great, and I love how Francavilla split the panels up with puzzle pieces. To be honest, I want the first page with Black Beetle and puzzle pieces to frame and put on my wall. I love it that much.
In all, it’s a damn fine issue, a damn fine four issue run, and a damn fine bit of news that Black Beetle will return.

Francavilla has long shown himself to be a hyper talented artist, but here he's been spreading his writing wings to whip up some brilliant superhero noir (as Dark Horse likes to call it).  This book is slick, and I cannot wait to see how it all ends up.

Black Beetle #4

Francavilla writes a better detective story than any issue of Detective Comics I’ve read in a few years. Great stuff!


Saturday, April 27, 2013


THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #3 Cover ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

    The Black Beetle's NO WAY OUT #3 came out last week and it was another success among readers and critics! On behalf of everyone who has worked on this book (even if I am writing, drawing, and coloring it, there is a team of talented people that help bringing it to life and into your hands): THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone!
   And speaking of talented people who helped with this book, I wanna give a special thanks to my dear friend Rafael Kayanan, whose expertise in Martial Arts helped me choreographing a big fight scene in this issue.

   So happy you are enjoying this little noir yarn. One more chapter to go, with the big Labyrinto reveal (have you figure out yet who is behind the mask? ;))

    And now here's a partial list of the great reviews BB #3 has received :)

REVIEW: The Black Beetle – No Way Out #3 5/5★
Nary a syllable is wasted in this latest installment of the Black Beetle’s adventures from writer and artist Francesco Francavilla. It’s a tightly written story with perfect pacing that keeps you so engaged that you’re unable to turn the pages fast enough.
it’s a great story and you’re cheating yourself if you’re not reading it. The Black Beetle – No Way Out #3 earns 5 stars.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 Advance Review 9/10
The third chapter, of four, of Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle is nothing short of epic. With only one issue to go, Francavilla ramps up the action.
Really, truly, this limited series has been great. Francavilla has a character in Black Beetle that has impressed from the start, and it’s really quite clear that he’s putting his heart and soul into each and every panel between these covers. The final issue, in 30 agonizing days, is going to be one to remember.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 comics review 9/10
If there is a slump coming in The Black Beetle, it will have to wait because issue #3 is as good as the issues before it.
Damn, I love this comic book.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 Review 4.5/5
No artist draws pulp like Francesco Francavilla, and if The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 is any indication, he writes pulp just as well as he draws it.
The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 is an incredibly fun read, not in spite of its dark grittiness, but because of of it.

Black Beetle #3
I’m sticking around for more of our eponymous hero’s pulpy (mis)adventures!!!

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews
Major Releases BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #3
Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle is getting better with every issue.  The time and care that goes into these issues is evident from how well put together they are.  Black Beetle walks that line of hitting the tropes you'd expect while also taking the story places you might not.  Francavilla's work is always oozing with his personal style, and nowhere is that more true than here in the pages of Black Beetle.

Comics Should Be Cheap!
Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
Pulp style comics may not be everyone else’s bag, but they are mine, and few artists in the industry today do them as well as Francesco Francavilla. Hell, few artists in the industry today are as good as Francavilla, period. I try to read every issue he works on, and that goes double for this great creator-owned series.

Review - The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 gets the series ready to conclude and it's poised to go out big. The Black Beetle knows what he must do and is set on doing it, continuing to make Colt City a better place to live.

The Black Beetle #3 Review - 4.5/5
I REALLY, REALLY loved the art. I’ve thought that Francavilla’s art has been excellent all the way through, giving us a really nice noir/pulp throwback feel, but there are things he does with the panels here that you just have to see.

Top Picks
Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 | Francesco Francavilla
Much like the moment when the Game of Thrones end credits roll, the moment when I finish an issue of Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle: No Way Out is the worst part of my month, because that means that there’s the longest possible period of time until I can get my hands on a new issue. It’s that good. The seedy world of Colt City and its pulpy protector, the Black Beetle, come to life through Francavilla’s tightly paced writing and eye-popping artwork. Following up on his lead from the city’s rat-riddled underground, the plot gets thicker than a New York deli sandwich once our goggled gangbuster sees a familiar face at the Coco Club – namely one that should be dead. Suffice it to say, this book just keeps getting better. I only have one question: Is it May yet?

Pull List: Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
Speaking of pulp, Francesco Francavilla’s gorgeous pulp noir continues to go down smooth. Francavilla’s love of the pulps shines through every page, but what really shines here are his layouts. A back alley fight scene in particular is a gleeful riot of oddly angled panels, colors, and witty narration. It’s sad there’s only one more to go: Hopefully we haven’t heard the last of the Black Beetle.

Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
The issue moves along at a brisk pace, but never loses steam. Can’t wait for the finale!

Review: The Black Beetle #3 5/5
the more I follow the adventures of The Black Beetle, switching as he does between devil-may-care antics and street-level detective work, the more I appreciate his populating, if not exemplifying, a fully-textured world. Everything in this place feels like it’s been rendered from rich hide, a throwback to a world where materials, like its men, were made of sterner stuff, instead of plastic affectation.
I honestly couldn’t love this book more if I tried. Luckily, I really don’t have to try.

The Black Beetle #3 Review
Now this is genre-fiction done right in the 21st Century. Black Beetle: No Way Out might be straight up hard-boiled detective pulp, but Francesco Francavilla lends the book a distinctly modern feel through his innovative artwork and distinctive color palette.

Olivia's Comic Book Reviews
Review The Black Beetle #3
It’s just such a fun and exciting book, with a likeable and often relatable protagonist in an utterly thrilling tale.

Top of the Pull List – The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
this comic is everything I hoped it would be.  Action, suspense, a genuine sense of mystery—this is the work of a master craftsman, through and through.

Pull List Review: The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3  7/10
 Francesco Francavilla is pouring himself into this series, and every page glows.
A consistently triumphant book continues to impress.

Review: The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3  9/10
Francavilla is one of the most gifted storytellers in comics, and “The Black Beetle” is a passion project that finds him at the top of his game. It’s an absolute blast to read, and something I hope we see much more of after “No Way Out” wraps next month.

Check This Out! Comics Pick of the Week: The Black Beetle #3
This is the type of book that really needs some love for the creator-owned end of the medium: a fresh, stylish, and fun series from a young up-and-comer filled with contagious enthusiasm.
When I talk about reading comics as an active experience, I usually mean intellectually – but Francavilla delivers it on a visceral physical level and I love it.


Dark Horse Reviews: The Black Beetle #3 5/5
To say that this series is good is probably the biggest understatement on the planet.

In review: The Black Beetle #3
BB  is a fun mix of detective and costumed super hero.

The Black Beetle #3 4/5
picked up the first issue because of the art and the promise of pulp fiction, both reasons have delivered in spades.


Sunday, April 14, 2013


THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #3 Cover ~~ Click on the cover for a large preview of NO WAY OUT #3 ~~

Hello Pulp Friends,

     The third episode of The Black Beetle's NO WAY OUT is airing this Wednesday in all your favorite comicbook stores, and you can get a meaty preview by clicking the cover above.

Please trust me when I say this is the prettier chapter yet and make sure to be there in about 30 days for the explosive conclusion of the first adventure/foray of The Black Beetle on the shelves.
Hope you enjoy the read :)

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3
Written by Francesco Francavilla
Art by Francesco Francavilla
On sale April 17th, 2013     
Under the watchful gaze of the mysterious Labyrinto, Black Beetle fights for his life! Is this the doing of a man that Black Beetle thought was dead? Could a zombie mobster be commanding the foes of Colt City’s dark avenger?! If he survives the night, the investigative insect will be left with questions to ponder as he takes his investigation . . . to the morgue!

Have a wonderful Pulp Sunday, everyone :)


Sunday, February 24, 2013


THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2 Teaser ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

    the annual ComicsPRO ( the event dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers) was held here in Atlanta this past weekend and for the occasion Dark Horse asked me to do an exclusive cover for The Black Beetle NO WAY OUT #1. This very limited edition of only 300 was given to all retailers attending the event and you can see the cover above.
   I was invited to the event as well to sign the book and it was GREAT to hear from all retailers how much they (and their customers) are loving Black Beetle.

  Speaking of love, NO WAY OUT #2 came out this week and apparently all the stores are already sold out! (tried to find a copy for myself and had no luck)
  I am wondering now if we will see a second printing edition with a brand new variant cover ;)

  Here's a  partial list - in no particular order - of all the press THE BLACK BEETLE NO WAY OUT #2 has got in these past few days.

THANK YOU again for all the love, everyone, we at BB-Team really appreciate it :)



If there's an award for "fastest growth into a new creative medium," I think Francesco Francavilla's "The Black Beetle: No Way Out" #2 (and the first issue as well) would be strong enough to make him a contender. Readers have known for years now that Francavilla is an excellent artist; now, he's shows that he's a good writer, too.
Francavilla is an artist's artist, and the end result is nothing short of exquisite. "The Black Beetle" is the sort of comic where you hope that we'll eventually see an oversized hardcover edition, because you'll want to pore over every single line.
Every time you read "The Black Beetle: No Way Out" #2, you'll notice a little something extra that might have slipped past you the first time. It was on the third or fourth time through myself that I realized the truth: I'm hooked. Any doubts I had before have been dashed; Francavilla's not just an excellent comic artist, he's a great comic creator in general. Here's to a lot more of "The Black Beetle" in the months and years to come.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 10/10

Francesco Francavilla is one of the best there is. His style is very much a unique, iconic one that is instantly recognizable as his own. The way the action flows from panel to panel is effortless for the reader and allows for full submersion in the story. The use of different panel progressions, full pages and splash pages is varied and no one format is overused.


The thing that stands out most about this book in my mind is that, while it is full of wonderful art, a memborable pulpy character, and lots of energy, the book feels almost effortless.  It’s a simple and fun read.

The Black Beetle #2 comics Double Advance Review
BB2 Review #1 8/10
The Black Beetle is the most faithful homage to the pulps since the debut of the Rocketeer. 
BB2 Review #2 9.5/10 
It is good when a comic book series proves itself not to be a fluke after a dynamite debut issue.  How does a creator prove that?  Francesco Francavilla does so by creating a dynamite second issue.

Review - The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

Plain and simple, The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 is a solid, quality book that blends a strong narrative with focused art. As a main character, Black Beetle is rife with savvy and observational skills, giving the reader a glimpse at what a genius at work looks like. The second issue continues what is a really fascinating detective book with a lot of panache.

Comics Should Be Cheap! (Staff's picks)

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2: You can’t really go wrong with a second helping of this deliciously orange and black pulp universe from Francesco Francavilla.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 Advance Review 9/10

What Francesco Francavilla is doing with the script is absolutely refreshing. There are not enough 50's pulp, mobster comics, let alone 50's monster comics with a totally bad ass super hero for a protagonist. [...]
Francesco Francavilla has created something truly great, and after only two issues people will be begging for Black Beetle to carry on further than four issues.

Major Releases: BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2

Black Beetle is classic noir, pulp, and super hero stories all rolled into one, so not only is it an incredibly well done book, it's a time saver, since you can scratch all those itches with a single comic.

Food Or Comics?

Francesco Francavilla’s The Black Beetle #2 (Dark Horse, $3.99). I love the latitude Dark Horse is giving Francavilla in the design packaging here – that cover is something special — and luckily, the insides have the promise of being even better given what happened last issue. 

You Read These With Your Eyes!

If you like pulp comics, or hardboiled detective fiction, or even just old Batman comics, this is something to pick up.  Francavilla is one of the most talented artists around, and seeing him let loose without having to play by anybody else’s rules is pretty breathtaking.  This could be your new favourite comic.

Covers of the Week! 

Francesco Francavilla has gone from Eisner-award winning cover artist to being a respected multi-talented creator with his Black Beetle series.  This has been a beautiful continuation of pulp heroes from past eras.

Top Picks Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

I hate Francesco Francavilla for making me curse the heavens each month that his phenomenal Black Beetle: No Way Out is only 20-something short pages. After reading this pulpy thrill ride, I don’t want to go back to the real world; I want to rent a run-down apartment in Colt City and swill bourbon while the Beetle delves down into the muck and the mire of the city’s underworld. If you thought issue one went at a breakneck pace, then think again: issue two barely gives you time to catch your breath before plunging you into a brand new sink-or-swim situation. Anchored by phenomenal art and innovative page layouts (seriously, how are more people not talking about this), Francavilla’s sizzling story leaps off the page, making for one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Review: The Black Beetle #2 4/5

Even though this is only its second issue, there is a fiercely growing depth throughout the story. [...] Francavilla really gives us a more focused look at his protagonist here, both visually and through his dialogue.
The art in Black Beetle #2 is, again, absolutely stunning, awash as it is in thick atmosphere and shadow, punctured sparingly by bright flashes. Altogether, it’s an unbridled pleasure to look at, with even the panels accentuating its visual storytelling, often becoming as kinetic as the story itself.

Comic Review: The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

you can tell that this is a total labor of love by Francavilla, and it shows in every way possible. The story is well told, and fits right into the world of the pulpy era of days long gone by. Francavilla writes it like he actually lived through it. This book is ungodly gorgeous too look it.

Black Beetle #2 review A+

This is one of the best adventure books out there right now because Francavilla is so confident in his skills and his inspirations that the book practically shines.

Review: ‘The Black Beetle: No Way Out’ #2 4/5

Francesco Francavilla’s cryptic tale continues to unfold before the reader’s eyes in fantastic fashion. This is such a well-crafted story. It has been a while since I have looked forward to the next issue of a series to come out as I do with “Black Beetle: No Way Out”. Get on board this thrilling ride now if you haven’t already.

Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

Francavilla [makes] No Way Out a subtle, dynamic story, with plenty of action, that doesn’t sacrifice the mystery building within the pages.
Final Thoughts: Read it and love it!


Very highly recommended series to get in on the ground level with, and fans of the noir or serial drama will get an extra joy out of this book because of the creator’s heartfelt respect for the radio days.

Comic Art:Covers of The Week

Black Beetle #2 by Francesco Francavilla 

Review: BLACK BEETLE #2  4/5

Reading the Black Beetle’s thoughts during his escapades adds another layer to the noir feel. I can almost hear the noir styled music as I read the Beetle’s dialogue.  The lack of information involving the Black Beetle, and how little I care about the omission, continues to surprise me.  The book is having a lot of fun, and the reader doesn’t need to know who the Black Beetle is.  All you need to know is that he is the good guy. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

THE BLACK BEETLE #1 Back To Print! [With A Brand New Cover]

THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2 Teaser ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

   Due to the high demand and to the fact #1 is sold out pretty much everywhere (from Diamond/distributor to the local shops) Dark Horse has decided to send #1 back to print so everybody can enjoy THE BLACK BEETLE experience/fun in its entirety :)
   For the occasion I was asked to provide a new cover pretty much overnight, new cover you can see above and which I hope you enjoy.

   Thanks again everyone for making this happen: it really is a dream come true for me to bring Black Beetle in the stores (and in your hands) so seeing becoming this popular is just the cherry on top of this wonderful journey.

   Stick with us for the long run and you will be entertained, I can promise you that :)

   In related news, I wanted also to congratulate my Black Beetle editor supreme and dear friend Jim Gibbons in his well deserved promotion to Associate Editor at Dark Horse. Way to go, Jim, let's keep rockin' this :)

Here's the Official Press Release from Dark Horse about Black Beetle #1 going back to print.

Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle #1 Being Reprinted!
02/08/2013 12:05pm


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Eisner Award–winning artist Francesco Francavilla’s new series at Dark Horse is already being called one of the year’s best! After receiving unanimous praise from retailers, fans, and every media outlet under the sun, The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1 has officially sold out of its first printing!

Now, we are proud to announce that despite our best efforts, demand was just too high to keep stock on shelves. In order to time as closely as possible with the release of the critically acclaimed series’ second issue, Francesco Francavilla and Dark Horse Comics have put together another printing with an all-new cover!

This new series introduces the Black Beetle, a mob-busting costumed supersleuth, as he investigates a bombing that has killed off some of Colt City’s notorious criminals! Steeped in pulp noir with modern sensibility, this is one new series you need to read!

“I am very humbled by the great response that The Black Beetle has received. This is such a work of love that’s been in the making for several years, and I am thrilled to see so many people are really digging the book,” said creator Francesco Francavilla. “It’s my goal to make this a book that can be enjoyed by those who love classic pulp stories, as well as new fans who want a fun, entertaining read. I can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming up next!”

Retailers, the second printing of The Black Beetle #1 is available through Diamond now, using the following order code: DEC128352. This issue will be on sale in the direct market on March 13, 2013.

Fans, look for The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 at your local comic shop on February 20!


THANK YOU for all the BB love, everyone :)