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THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2 Teaser ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

    the annual ComicsPRO ( the event dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers) was held here in Atlanta this past weekend and for the occasion Dark Horse asked me to do an exclusive cover for The Black Beetle NO WAY OUT #1. This very limited edition of only 300 was given to all retailers attending the event and you can see the cover above.
   I was invited to the event as well to sign the book and it was GREAT to hear from all retailers how much they (and their customers) are loving Black Beetle.

  Speaking of love, NO WAY OUT #2 came out this week and apparently all the stores are already sold out! (tried to find a copy for myself and had no luck)
  I am wondering now if we will see a second printing edition with a brand new variant cover ;)

  Here's a  partial list - in no particular order - of all the press THE BLACK BEETLE NO WAY OUT #2 has got in these past few days.

THANK YOU again for all the love, everyone, we at BB-Team really appreciate it :)



If there's an award for "fastest growth into a new creative medium," I think Francesco Francavilla's "The Black Beetle: No Way Out" #2 (and the first issue as well) would be strong enough to make him a contender. Readers have known for years now that Francavilla is an excellent artist; now, he's shows that he's a good writer, too.
Francavilla is an artist's artist, and the end result is nothing short of exquisite. "The Black Beetle" is the sort of comic where you hope that we'll eventually see an oversized hardcover edition, because you'll want to pore over every single line.
Every time you read "The Black Beetle: No Way Out" #2, you'll notice a little something extra that might have slipped past you the first time. It was on the third or fourth time through myself that I realized the truth: I'm hooked. Any doubts I had before have been dashed; Francavilla's not just an excellent comic artist, he's a great comic creator in general. Here's to a lot more of "The Black Beetle" in the months and years to come.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 10/10

Francesco Francavilla is one of the best there is. His style is very much a unique, iconic one that is instantly recognizable as his own. The way the action flows from panel to panel is effortless for the reader and allows for full submersion in the story. The use of different panel progressions, full pages and splash pages is varied and no one format is overused.


The thing that stands out most about this book in my mind is that, while it is full of wonderful art, a memborable pulpy character, and lots of energy, the book feels almost effortless.  It’s a simple and fun read.

The Black Beetle #2 comics Double Advance Review
BB2 Review #1 8/10
The Black Beetle is the most faithful homage to the pulps since the debut of the Rocketeer. 
BB2 Review #2 9.5/10 
It is good when a comic book series proves itself not to be a fluke after a dynamite debut issue.  How does a creator prove that?  Francesco Francavilla does so by creating a dynamite second issue.

Review - The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

Plain and simple, The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 is a solid, quality book that blends a strong narrative with focused art. As a main character, Black Beetle is rife with savvy and observational skills, giving the reader a glimpse at what a genius at work looks like. The second issue continues what is a really fascinating detective book with a lot of panache.

Comics Should Be Cheap! (Staff's picks)

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2: You can’t really go wrong with a second helping of this deliciously orange and black pulp universe from Francesco Francavilla.

Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 Advance Review 9/10

What Francesco Francavilla is doing with the script is absolutely refreshing. There are not enough 50's pulp, mobster comics, let alone 50's monster comics with a totally bad ass super hero for a protagonist. [...]
Francesco Francavilla has created something truly great, and after only two issues people will be begging for Black Beetle to carry on further than four issues.

Major Releases: BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2

Black Beetle is classic noir, pulp, and super hero stories all rolled into one, so not only is it an incredibly well done book, it's a time saver, since you can scratch all those itches with a single comic.

Food Or Comics?

Francesco Francavilla’s The Black Beetle #2 (Dark Horse, $3.99). I love the latitude Dark Horse is giving Francavilla in the design packaging here – that cover is something special — and luckily, the insides have the promise of being even better given what happened last issue. 

You Read These With Your Eyes!

If you like pulp comics, or hardboiled detective fiction, or even just old Batman comics, this is something to pick up.  Francavilla is one of the most talented artists around, and seeing him let loose without having to play by anybody else’s rules is pretty breathtaking.  This could be your new favourite comic.

Covers of the Week! 

Francesco Francavilla has gone from Eisner-award winning cover artist to being a respected multi-talented creator with his Black Beetle series.  This has been a beautiful continuation of pulp heroes from past eras.

Top Picks Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

I hate Francesco Francavilla for making me curse the heavens each month that his phenomenal Black Beetle: No Way Out is only 20-something short pages. After reading this pulpy thrill ride, I don’t want to go back to the real world; I want to rent a run-down apartment in Colt City and swill bourbon while the Beetle delves down into the muck and the mire of the city’s underworld. If you thought issue one went at a breakneck pace, then think again: issue two barely gives you time to catch your breath before plunging you into a brand new sink-or-swim situation. Anchored by phenomenal art and innovative page layouts (seriously, how are more people not talking about this), Francavilla’s sizzling story leaps off the page, making for one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Review: The Black Beetle #2 4/5

Even though this is only its second issue, there is a fiercely growing depth throughout the story. [...] Francavilla really gives us a more focused look at his protagonist here, both visually and through his dialogue.
The art in Black Beetle #2 is, again, absolutely stunning, awash as it is in thick atmosphere and shadow, punctured sparingly by bright flashes. Altogether, it’s an unbridled pleasure to look at, with even the panels accentuating its visual storytelling, often becoming as kinetic as the story itself.

Comic Review: The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

you can tell that this is a total labor of love by Francavilla, and it shows in every way possible. The story is well told, and fits right into the world of the pulpy era of days long gone by. Francavilla writes it like he actually lived through it. This book is ungodly gorgeous too look it.

Black Beetle #2 review A+

This is one of the best adventure books out there right now because Francavilla is so confident in his skills and his inspirations that the book practically shines.

Review: ‘The Black Beetle: No Way Out’ #2 4/5

Francesco Francavilla’s cryptic tale continues to unfold before the reader’s eyes in fantastic fashion. This is such a well-crafted story. It has been a while since I have looked forward to the next issue of a series to come out as I do with “Black Beetle: No Way Out”. Get on board this thrilling ride now if you haven’t already.

Review: Black Beetle: No Way Out #2

Francavilla [makes] No Way Out a subtle, dynamic story, with plenty of action, that doesn’t sacrifice the mystery building within the pages.
Final Thoughts: Read it and love it!


Very highly recommended series to get in on the ground level with, and fans of the noir or serial drama will get an extra joy out of this book because of the creator’s heartfelt respect for the radio days.

Comic Art:Covers of The Week

Black Beetle #2 by Francesco Francavilla 

Review: BLACK BEETLE #2  4/5

Reading the Black Beetle’s thoughts during his escapades adds another layer to the noir feel. I can almost hear the noir styled music as I read the Beetle’s dialogue.  The lack of information involving the Black Beetle, and how little I care about the omission, continues to surprise me.  The book is having a lot of fun, and the reader doesn’t need to know who the Black Beetle is.  All you need to know is that he is the good guy. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

THE BLACK BEETLE #1 Back To Print! [With A Brand New Cover]

THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT #2 Teaser ~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hello Beetlemaniacs,

   Due to the high demand and to the fact #1 is sold out pretty much everywhere (from Diamond/distributor to the local shops) Dark Horse has decided to send #1 back to print so everybody can enjoy THE BLACK BEETLE experience/fun in its entirety :)
   For the occasion I was asked to provide a new cover pretty much overnight, new cover you can see above and which I hope you enjoy.

   Thanks again everyone for making this happen: it really is a dream come true for me to bring Black Beetle in the stores (and in your hands) so seeing becoming this popular is just the cherry on top of this wonderful journey.

   Stick with us for the long run and you will be entertained, I can promise you that :)

   In related news, I wanted also to congratulate my Black Beetle editor supreme and dear friend Jim Gibbons in his well deserved promotion to Associate Editor at Dark Horse. Way to go, Jim, let's keep rockin' this :)

Here's the Official Press Release from Dark Horse about Black Beetle #1 going back to print.

Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle #1 Being Reprinted!
02/08/2013 12:05pm


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Eisner Award–winning artist Francesco Francavilla’s new series at Dark Horse is already being called one of the year’s best! After receiving unanimous praise from retailers, fans, and every media outlet under the sun, The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1 has officially sold out of its first printing!

Now, we are proud to announce that despite our best efforts, demand was just too high to keep stock on shelves. In order to time as closely as possible with the release of the critically acclaimed series’ second issue, Francesco Francavilla and Dark Horse Comics have put together another printing with an all-new cover!

This new series introduces the Black Beetle, a mob-busting costumed supersleuth, as he investigates a bombing that has killed off some of Colt City’s notorious criminals! Steeped in pulp noir with modern sensibility, this is one new series you need to read!

“I am very humbled by the great response that The Black Beetle has received. This is such a work of love that’s been in the making for several years, and I am thrilled to see so many people are really digging the book,” said creator Francesco Francavilla. “It’s my goal to make this a book that can be enjoyed by those who love classic pulp stories, as well as new fans who want a fun, entertaining read. I can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming up next!”

Retailers, the second printing of The Black Beetle #1 is available through Diamond now, using the following order code: DEC128352. This issue will be on sale in the direct market on March 13, 2013.

Fans, look for The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 at your local comic shop on February 20!


THANK YOU for all the BB love, everyone :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello Beetlemaniacs,

   WE DID IT AGAIN! The Black beetle NO WAY OUT #1 has officially SOLD OUT at distributor level, just like it happened with NIGHT SHIFT #0! :D

   But there is still chance to put your hands on a copy of you haven't done it already: Dark Horse is sending a very limited amount (out of their own stock of comp copies) to Diamond so they can fulfill some of the pending orders. Check with your shop to see if they can still get you a copy.
Here's the official Dark Horse Press Release with the announcement and some preview pages from NO WAY OUT #2, out in stores in 2 weeks (and already in high demand) :)


The response has been unanimous! Eisner Award–winning artist Francesco Francavilla’s new series at Dark Horse is already being called one of the year’s best! Francavilla’s pulp sensation, The Black Beetle: No Way Out, has received overwhelming praise from media, retailers, and fans around the country!

As of today, just two weeks before the release of the series’ second issue, Diamond Comic Distributors has completely sold out of issue #1, and Dark Horse will be transferring stock from other channels to ensure retailers can capitalize on the series’ success!

This new series introduces the mob-busting costumed supersleuth as he investigates a bombing that has killed off some of Colt City’s notorious criminals! Steeped in pulp noir with modern sensibility, this is one new series you need to read!

Praise for the first issue:

“Any pulp and classic noir fan will tell you, there are only a handful of books out on the market that really do the job. An original concept like The Black Beetle will surely give fans of the genre something to cheer for. It’s been a long time coming for this title and it was worth the wait. 10 out of 10.”—Newsarama
“This is a fun, adventure-filled, mystery-tinged story as welcoming to new readers as possible for a comic book. Quite simply, this is good stuff. I may not be the biggest fan of pulp adventures, but I am a self-proclaimed fan of all things good and this is very good indeed. Hopefully, as promised in the text piece at the back of this issue, this is just the beginning. I, for one, cannot wait to get more.”—Comic Book Resources
The Black Beetle #1 is one of the most exhilarating, stunning superhero comics on the stands . . . This miniseries presents a high-stakes mystery realized through Francavilla’s intensely graphic style, full of innovative layouts and spectacular splash pages.”—The Onion A.V. Club
Retailers, The Black Beetle #1 is available for reorder in limited quantities now.
Fans, make sure to grab your copy while you can! Look for The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 at your local comic shop on February 20, featuring the attached new art!

Preview pages from The Black Beetle NO WAY OUT #2 out in stores on Feb 20th.
Click on the images for larger view.


THANK YOU again for making this happen, my firends, we at BB-Team really appreciate it :)


And here some more press about NO WAY OUT #1

A.V. CLUB  Eisner Award winner Francesco Francavilla became one of the industry’s top talents with his work on Detective Comics, Black Panther, and a bunch of eye-catching covers, and it turns out that his writing is just as strong as his artwork. The Black Beetle #1 (Dark Horse) is one of the most exhilarating, stunning superhero comics on the stands, spotlighting the defender of Colt City as he investigates the bombing of a club that kills some of the city’s most notorious criminals. Picking up after the hero’s introduction in the pages of Dark Horse Presents (also available as Black Beetle: Night Shift #0), this miniseries presents a high-stakes mystery realized through Francavilla’s intensely graphic style, full of innovative layouts and spectacular splash pages. Splash-heavy books can feel slight on the story side, but Francavilla fills each page with information, creating a riveting, dense read.

The credits say the book is “written and directed” by Francavilla, who channels film-noir greats like John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Alton with his cinematic, chiaroscuro-heavy artwork. His design for the main character combines the best elements of Batman and the Blue Beetle, and although the hero is given no backstory, he makes up for it in personality. Little touches—like the slightest hint of a grin when Black Beetle knocks out a group of armed guards with poison darts—go a long way toward establishing his attitude, that of a hero who kicks ass while retaining a sense of humor. Francavilla’s high-contrast color palette of red and blue gives the book a distinct look, and lends added importance to flashes of different colors, like the book’s yellow villain. Dark Horse has been publicizing this book as “super noir,” and it’s a must-read for fans of either genre. It’s always welcome to see Francavilla bring his unique voice to the heroes of Marvel and DC, but he’s created something truly magical with the Black Beetle, and hopefully this hero has a long, full life ahead of him… [OS]

[Comic Review] The Black Beetle #1 10/10
read it…then read it again, taking in every panel as you go. For once, it may finally be a title you won’t regret investing your time and money in.

Nerding About Comic Books, Toys And New TV Shows
Francavilla's Black Beetle draws heavily from the pulp stories of the '30s and '40s and plays out more cinematic than most comic books. Though it's only planned as a four-issue series for now, I could be on board with a longer run of "The Black Beetle" from Dark Horse.