Friday, January 27, 2012

The Beetles ~ Dan Brereton

The Beetles ~ Dan Brereton
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Hello Pulp Friends,

We continue with the Friday feature of "THE BEETLES", tributes or fanart that friends and fans have done for our favorite pulp hero. As mentioned, I am gonna start posting the BEETLES I actually own, and then we'll go to those that are not in my possession (yet ;))

Todays tribute is from a dear friend of mine and master of Fantasy and Horror: DAN BRERETON!
As it happened with Darwyn, I gave Dan a copy of the ashcan at the same Dragon*Con show and he surprised me with the above rockin' sketch within an hour :D
I ♥ ya too, Dan :)

Tune in next Friday for more BEETLES and make sure to tune in each Wednesday for new art and updates on THE BLACK BEETLE! :)


Artwork © 2012 Dan Brereton
KARA BOCEK, BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2006-2012 Francesco Francavilla

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