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Francesco Francavilla: Presenting The Black Beetle

Francesco Francavilla: Presenting The Black Beetle

Hello B-Beetle Friends,

This past week I took care of a few interviews about our favorite pulp hero: The Black Beetle. I want to thank all the press for giving a spot to BB, specially now that the first issue is solicited in Previews so you guys can pre-order it (see below the info on how to get the Black Beetle cover).

The first interview went up a couple of days ago on the excellent Comics Bulletin website thanks to Chris Kiser (thanks, Chris :)).

Here's an extract:

CB: For starters, would you tell our readers a little about the premise of The Black Beetle? What kind of comic should people be expecting?
FF: Someone defined it as “neo-noir,” a definition I quite like. Think action, mystery, suspense, more action, thriller, with a pinch of horror. It’s what I call “all the good stuff.”
NIGHT SHIFT, the three-part story that will start in Dark Horse Presents #11 this April, takes place in the home of the Black Beetle, Colt City. When a very rare amulet arrives at the Colt City museum things get really complicated. A team of dangerous individuals isn’t far behind—they want the amulet and will stop at nothing to get it.

CB: How about the Black Beetle himself? How would you describe his personality or motivations?
FF: His mission is to fight crime in Colt City. We don’t know who he is, not yet anyway. We do know that he has access to some advantaged technology that allows him to take care of the many threats the citizens have to face from time to time. Black Beetle is definitely the hero and protector of Colt City.

CB: This is a character who appeared before in some of your self-published work, both on the web and in a limited edition print comic. Was it always conceived as something that you would want to later return to and expand upon?
FF: Definitely. The ashcan was the introduction to NO WAY OUT, a longer story I was and still am planning to tell. And I’m running (sporadically) the KARA BOCEK story on my website. I’ve been plotting more stories and creating a whole set of characters (including some very dangerous villains) waiting for the moment The Black Beetle would land on shelves, and it seems that moment has arrived.

CB: How did The Black Beetle end up at Dark Horse? Was it something the publisher approached you about specifically, or did it come as a result of you pitching it to them?
FF: Mike Richardson is a big fan of my Pulp Sunday blog and that’s where he saw the Black Beetle for the first time. He is a huge lover of all things pulp so he asked me to bring my hero to Dark Horse and create a special story for Dark Horse Presents. As a long-time fan of Dark Horse and the long line of writer/artists that label represents, it didn’t take more than 2 seconds for me to say: YES!

You can read the whole interview on the CB page.

DHP #11 comes with two covers; if you want to make sure to get The Black Beetle cover (shown on the left) , pls preorder the book at your LCS using the code FEB12 0052.

Dark Horse Presents #11 (with the Black Beetle cover) will be on sale on APril 18.


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla
KARA BOCEK, BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2006-2012 Francesco Francavilla

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