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Hello Beetlemaniacs,

   WE DID IT AGAIN! The Black beetle NO WAY OUT #1 has officially SOLD OUT at distributor level, just like it happened with NIGHT SHIFT #0! :D

   But there is still chance to put your hands on a copy of you haven't done it already: Dark Horse is sending a very limited amount (out of their own stock of comp copies) to Diamond so they can fulfill some of the pending orders. Check with your shop to see if they can still get you a copy.
Here's the official Dark Horse Press Release with the announcement and some preview pages from NO WAY OUT #2, out in stores in 2 weeks (and already in high demand) :)


The response has been unanimous! Eisner Award–winning artist Francesco Francavilla’s new series at Dark Horse is already being called one of the year’s best! Francavilla’s pulp sensation, The Black Beetle: No Way Out, has received overwhelming praise from media, retailers, and fans around the country!

As of today, just two weeks before the release of the series’ second issue, Diamond Comic Distributors has completely sold out of issue #1, and Dark Horse will be transferring stock from other channels to ensure retailers can capitalize on the series’ success!

This new series introduces the mob-busting costumed supersleuth as he investigates a bombing that has killed off some of Colt City’s notorious criminals! Steeped in pulp noir with modern sensibility, this is one new series you need to read!

Praise for the first issue:

“Any pulp and classic noir fan will tell you, there are only a handful of books out on the market that really do the job. An original concept like The Black Beetle will surely give fans of the genre something to cheer for. It’s been a long time coming for this title and it was worth the wait. 10 out of 10.”—Newsarama
“This is a fun, adventure-filled, mystery-tinged story as welcoming to new readers as possible for a comic book. Quite simply, this is good stuff. I may not be the biggest fan of pulp adventures, but I am a self-proclaimed fan of all things good and this is very good indeed. Hopefully, as promised in the text piece at the back of this issue, this is just the beginning. I, for one, cannot wait to get more.”—Comic Book Resources
The Black Beetle #1 is one of the most exhilarating, stunning superhero comics on the stands . . . This miniseries presents a high-stakes mystery realized through Francavilla’s intensely graphic style, full of innovative layouts and spectacular splash pages.”—The Onion A.V. Club
Retailers, The Black Beetle #1 is available for reorder in limited quantities now.
Fans, make sure to grab your copy while you can! Look for The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 at your local comic shop on February 20, featuring the attached new art!

Preview pages from The Black Beetle NO WAY OUT #2 out in stores on Feb 20th.
Click on the images for larger view.


THANK YOU again for making this happen, my firends, we at BB-Team really appreciate it :)


And here some more press about NO WAY OUT #1

A.V. CLUB  Eisner Award winner Francesco Francavilla became one of the industry’s top talents with his work on Detective Comics, Black Panther, and a bunch of eye-catching covers, and it turns out that his writing is just as strong as his artwork. The Black Beetle #1 (Dark Horse) is one of the most exhilarating, stunning superhero comics on the stands, spotlighting the defender of Colt City as he investigates the bombing of a club that kills some of the city’s most notorious criminals. Picking up after the hero’s introduction in the pages of Dark Horse Presents (also available as Black Beetle: Night Shift #0), this miniseries presents a high-stakes mystery realized through Francavilla’s intensely graphic style, full of innovative layouts and spectacular splash pages. Splash-heavy books can feel slight on the story side, but Francavilla fills each page with information, creating a riveting, dense read.

The credits say the book is “written and directed” by Francavilla, who channels film-noir greats like John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Alton with his cinematic, chiaroscuro-heavy artwork. His design for the main character combines the best elements of Batman and the Blue Beetle, and although the hero is given no backstory, he makes up for it in personality. Little touches—like the slightest hint of a grin when Black Beetle knocks out a group of armed guards with poison darts—go a long way toward establishing his attitude, that of a hero who kicks ass while retaining a sense of humor. Francavilla’s high-contrast color palette of red and blue gives the book a distinct look, and lends added importance to flashes of different colors, like the book’s yellow villain. Dark Horse has been publicizing this book as “super noir,” and it’s a must-read for fans of either genre. It’s always welcome to see Francavilla bring his unique voice to the heroes of Marvel and DC, but he’s created something truly magical with the Black Beetle, and hopefully this hero has a long, full life ahead of him… [OS]

[Comic Review] The Black Beetle #1 10/10
read it…then read it again, taking in every panel as you go. For once, it may finally be a title you won’t regret investing your time and money in.

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Francavilla's Black Beetle draws heavily from the pulp stories of the '30s and '40s and plays out more cinematic than most comic books. Though it's only planned as a four-issue series for now, I could be on board with a longer run of "The Black Beetle" from Dark Horse.

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